15 Best Unique Wedding Invitation Fonts in 2023

by admin No Comments March 27, 2023

Wedding Invitation Fonts

A wedding involves a lot of written communication, such as invitations, place cards, and save-the-date cards. So, it’s crucial to find a font that you love and that fits the wedding invitation. Even though different free Wedding Invitation Fonts are available, browsing and sorting through them can take some time. If you’re designing your unique wedding invitations or hiring someone to help, there are a few things to consider when selecting your wedding invitation fonts. We want to help you avoid stress when it comes to all things font-related because we know that planning all the little details of a wedding can be overwhelming.

List of Free Best Wedding Fonts for Invitation

The best free wedding invitation fonts for 2023 are listed below for you to use to make your card stand out.


Cherston is a stunning, opulent, readable display and script duo font with ten styles. This font fits a wide range of designs and upgrades them to new levels thanks to its incredible adaptability. This is a set of fonts that features capital letters, giving designers the flexibility to produce distinctive designs specifically best fonts for wedding invitations.

Sebastian Bobby

Sebastian Bobby is a great place to start if you are looking for a distinctive wedding invitation font. There is a lot to like about it, including the support for multiple languages and the hand-drawn script font created using a fountain pen. The font’s appeal is increased by the ability to italicize it.

Paper Tigers Script

The paper Tiger Script font is ideal for more elaborate wedding invitations because of its gorgeous floral illustration. Consider adding a dancing baseline of these lovely script Wedding Invitation Fonts to shake things up.


The handwritten signature fonts by Mollaroid are striking, making them a fantastic option best fonts for wedding invitations.  An elegant, contemporary design with handwritten-like characters makes the perfect Wedding Invitation Font. It looks more natural due to Mollaroid’s distinctive style, which evokes feelings of love and passion.

Marygold Font Duo Collection

In the Marygold Font Duo Collection, a sophisticated signature font combines graphic elements, different types of paper, and handwritten signatures. The best wedding fonts are ideal for contemporary couples organizing a joyful event.

Anthoni Signature Font

Use the wedding invitation font Anthoni Signature to give your invitation a personalized look. The traditional calligraphy signature style and hand-lettered effect typography elevates the invitation’s elegance. Try it out with the titles and signatures!

Palomino Font Family

Even the little factors can have a significant impact. The Palomino font family was designed using the Blackwing 602 pencil. The wedding invitations will look beautiful when printed in one of the four sets (Script, Sans Serif, Condensed, and Design Element).

Opera Signature

Opera Signature’s elegant serif and script font duo is ideal for use as a wedding invitation font. You need a font that fits the bill to keep things classy and simple. Thankfully, this is where the Opera Signature serif font comes into play. The Opera Signature serif font is the best for handwritten wedding invitations with contemporary calligraphy.

Delicate Script Font

The delicate script font, which is smooth and has a high level of detail, can be used to create elegant wedding invitations. When typing any word, the ligatures in the Delicate script are designed to look like handwriting. This trendy, OpenType, modern calligraphy font is a stylish substitute.

Alimbar Font

Looking Best fonts for wedding invitations, this calligraphy-inspired script font is ideal. People can use this font in logos, menus, and other design applications due to its elegance and extremely vibrant style. Alimbar font designed by Manuel Eduardo Corradine with thin swashes.

Black Jack

It is a type of wedding script fonts that Typadelic designed in a relaxed manner. Any wedding invitation can use the elegant and straightforward Black Jack font. This font is readable and includes punctuation, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters.

Baroque Script

Jose Alberto Reyes Galves designed these incredible wedding invitation fonts. The font is creatively blended for a lovely and official appearance. The Baroque script is simple to read and often used in wedding invitations. 

Brannboll Fet

This font’s bold type and numerous ligature forms make it a fantastic choice for logos, wedding invitations, and other uses. The shapes and particulars of each character perfectly match every design element. Ms. Grebäck invented the Brannboll Fet.

Coneria Script

The best wedding font overall is Coneria Script. It is also included in the list of free wedding fonts. It blends well with almost any wedding style because it is slightly sophisticated without trying too hard. There is also a slanted version of the Coneria Script with a more official appearance.

Emily Lime

Emily Conners created the Emily Lime script font. She is very decorative and artistic. The seventy-nine components of this font can be combined in one of its more than a thousand matching ways to make the best wedding invitation cards. The frame builder is another name for it.


You have to be a pro to produce a stunning design, even though you have the design resources. If not, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! For your wedding invitation, these wedding invitation fonts should make it easier for you to create an incredible design. If you clear all queries about this article, so we recommend our best online Font Generator (Fontgeneratorapp.com) when if you want free wedding fonts for invitations.