15 Best Fonts for Designing Stunning Logos in 2023

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best fonts for logos

The selection of the best fonts for logos is an essential part of logo design. You can completely transform the tone and message of your brand by altering the font used in your logo. Even the thoughts and feelings of your customers can be influenced by your font! But with so many font options, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one? You can become an expert on cool fonts for logos with the help of this blog. We’ll go over every type of font, as well as advice for choosing one and actual font examples.

The 15 Main Styles of Best Logo Fonts

There are typically four main styles to choose from. All fonts for logos has its special qualities that can help a brand’s personality shine through.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts for logos are elegant and traditional, making them a timeless classic. Brands with a long history and a serif logo font are ideal.

Serif fonts are used in the logos of traditional and opulent brands like Rolex, Prada, and Mercedes-Benz.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts are easy to read and contemporary, and they work well with most shapes and designs in branding. Use this font for logos that are simpler and less complicated.

Because they are easy to read on a screen, sans serif fonts are becoming increasingly popular among online brands. The fonts for sans serif logos are listed below. They are effective despite their simplicity.

Script or Cursive Logo Fonts

Examples of script or cursive fonts for logos are formal, sophisticated, and feminine. But be careful. Resizing logos frequently results in readability issues. In order to remain legible, logos written in this font should ideally be brief.

Despite their playful nature, these fonts are not appropriate for all brands. If you’re going to use a script font for your logo, make sure it conveys the same feeling as your brand.

Cursive textual styles can fall into the easygoing or formal classes. The formal script is artistic and elaborate. Consider an opulent Cartier or Cadillac.

Logos in script font. The casual script more closely resembles real handwriting. They can be somewhat harsher, and scratchy, yet additionally more reasonable looking. Take a look at the logos for Virgin, Ray-Ban, and Hallmark below:

Display Logo Fonts

Examples of Display logo fonts a lot of businesses choose to make their own fonts to stand out. Display or decorative fonts are one of a kind and come in many different varieties.

A font for your logo that is easy to remember can help your brand stand out and connect with your target audience. A rendering of Walt Disney’s signature can be found below in the Disney font. Taking inspiration from the magical theme of their stories, their custom font, dubbed “Waltograph,” is iconic and entertaining.


The term “Garamond” refers to a collection of typefaces rather than a single typeface. Large numbers of the emphasis we find in late many years are translations of letter sets planned by Claude Garamond and Jean Jannon in the sixteenth hundred years.

Yeseva One

Yeseva One was designed by Jovanny Lemonad as a serif display of “a complete agreement between a man and a woman.” The architectural, high-contrast Yeseva One logo font evokes a particular kind of distinct, feminine essence. The expression “Yes, Eva” is the source of its name, and even its pretty feet demonstrate how friendly it is. Yeseva One looks great with the balanced serifs Roboto, Open Sans, Roboto Slab, and others.

FF Avance Logo Fonts

The unique typeface FF Avance pushes the boundaries of asymmetrical serifs. While the upper serifs of the lowercase “v” point to the left, the lower serifs of the capital “A” point to the right.

Big Caslon 

Big Caslon is a revival of a group of serif typefaces that William Caslon I created in the 1600s. This typeface is a great example of how traditional typeface styles entered digital typography. The majority of the serifs appear sharp and pointy, but some, like the uppercase letters “G” and “S,” have a slight geometric quality. Big Caslon Bell Solo logo with Big Caslon logo fonts in general, exudes vigor and boldness, making it ideal for making a significant point.


Glober is renowned for its exceptional readability thanks to its case-sensitive accentuation and extensive language support. In general, it is a traditional font. These almost-perfect geometric forms, on the other hand, appear cozy beneath the clean lines and optimized spatial awareness. Make the most of every choice that it gives you; pair Glober with bold, italicized, and underlined supporting text from the same family.


Canilari is a logo font that could be considered to be somewhat of an outcast. It’s great for sparking creativity because it’s hard to tell exactly where it fits in typographic history.

If a logo designer wants to break the mold for a brand, a strange typeface might be just what they need.

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich is a slender sans-serif font with smooth rounds and a very long neck that is outstretched, which is fitting for the font’s name. At the moment, it only supports uppercase letters.; therefore, use it sparingly, particularly if you intend to make a lasting statement and turn heads.

Modesto Logo Fonts 

Modesto’s history includes hand-painted typography and circuses from the 19th and 20th centuries. This digital version refines those analog forms into a 23-font type family that can be used.

Abril Fatface Logo Font

Abril Fatface was inspired by the heavy title fonts found on advertising posters in 19th-century France and Britain. The process of naming typefaces dates back to a specific practice in which each typeface was designed to be as clear and beautiful as possible at a particular size.

This is where subtleties really matter. Using thin serifs, simple curves, and refined touches automatically creates an elegant appearance. Abril Fatface is a part of the larger Abril-type family system, which was created by TypeTogether, a company well-known for creating bespoke designs for large corporations.


Aileron is a Neo-Grotesque sans serif font with the Aileron logo’s distinctive curved lowercase letter “l.” It is based on aircraft models from the 1940s, the first decade of modern aviation history. Models have just begun to fly higher and faster thanks to powerful engines.

This concept inspired Brazilian typeface designer Adilson Gonzales to create an aerodynamically-focused retro-futurist typeface. It would work well together because it is visually similar to Helvetica and conceptually similar to Univers.

Fenix Logo Font

Fernando Diaz, an Uruguayan designer, wanted to create a font that was legible for both long and short text. It was born Fenix; This serif typeface, which allows for elegant readability in longer texts, was inspired by calligraphy. Its rough strokes appear to have been influenced by both sharp and edged curves.

The purpose of spatial proportions is to conserve height and width. Fenix sexually transmitted disease functions admirably with Dosis, Open Sans, Raleway, and Exo.


Some people will like these best fonts for logos, some people don’t.

I like these contemporary fonts because they look fresh and futuristic.

Be that as it may, when you anticipate moderation, it’s an exceptionally fundamental, extremely straightforward look.

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