Terms And Conditions

For your regarding there are some fun terms and conditions for using and exploring all the services that our website is providing. Our website is representing a legal web page that is now serving as our terms and conditions page because it governs all the specified terms and conditions of our website fontgeneratorapp.com, any of the sub-domains, and other associated web-based and Mobile-based applications ( ‘’Website’’ Collectively ) as it is operated and owned by the https://fontgeneratorapp.com

There are also some important and capitalized terms that have to be defined for your convenience. Because these all have some different meanings according to the website stats. Along with our Privacy Policy these terms and conditions, Mobile licensed applications Agreement and many other guidelines have been posted on our website. These guidelines are collectively termed as the ‘’Legal Terms’’ of our Website. It constitutes only the agreements between the website and you and suppressed all other agreements, warranties, representations, and understanding about the subject matter contained herein and to our website. We can amend all our legal terms and conditions without sending you any type of notice. 

Review Terms & Conditions Periodically 

We will automatically post the latest and updated copies of our advanced terms and conditions on our website from time to time. It is necessary to read and understand all our terms and conditions that we have been updated and posted on our website prior to using our website and even prior to using and exploring our products and services as well. After the revisions of any terms and conditions that we have been posted on our website, you will be bound to agree to these advanced terms and conditions. That’s why it is very important and necessary to read and understand all the content about legal terms and conditions that our website contains. You must periodically review the terms and conditions for making sure that you agree to these legal terms of our website.

Avoid Using Website In case of Declining Terms & Conditions 

While using and exploring our services and website, you are bound to agree to fully comply with all the necessary and updated terms and conditions of our website. So, you must review them very carefully and intentionally. But if you do not agree and accept our terms and conditions so you must avoid using and exploring our website and do not use our services as well. In case, that you have already accessed our website and now you do not agree with our terms and conditions then you must immediately discontinue the use of our website and its services. 

Some Technical Definitions

There are spoke unique and very common terms we use in our website terms and conditions and in our Privacy Policies. You must be aware of all these specific terms because these are used due to some reasons and due to their specific meanings according to us. 

  • The terms ‘’our’’, ‘’we’’, and ‘’us’’ refer to the owner and operator of the website https://fontgeneratorapp.com.
  • The term ‘’Visitor’’ is used under the meaning of someone who is merely exploring our website. But he has not registered as a member of our user list.
  • The term ‘’Member’’ is referring to a person who has registered himself as our member of the user list and is using our services regularly.
  • The term’’Services’’ is representing the overall functionality of our website and the features that it offers our website to our members.
  • The term ‘’User’’ refers to any of the collective identifiers either a Member or a Visitor. 
  • The term ‘’Content’’ is collectively used for all the audio, videos, text, services, images, letters, graphics, information, and data that is offered by our website.  

You are bound to agree to all the applicable International and domestic laws, ordinances, statutes, and regulations regarding the usage and exploration of our website. Fontgeneratorapp.com reserves the right to investigate all the reported violations or complaints of our legal terms and we take some appropriate actions as per requirement. These actions may include reporting any suspected unlawful activities to the law enforcement officials, regulators, or any third parties and disclosing any of the related information that is necessary and appropriate to such a person, all the related entities that are related to your profiles, email addresses, IP Address, posted materiel, usage history, and the information of all the traffic, as it is allowed under https://fontgeneratorapp.com Privacy Policy. These actions are also not limited to canceling your member account. 

Intellectual Property

Our website can also include the service marks and the trademarks as those of our affiliates and other companies. They may be in the form of graphics, words, and logos. When our visitors use our website then it does not provide the constitutes to any of the license usages for using these service marks and the trademarks without the written permission of the trademarks or the service mark owner. Our website is also highly protected under an International Copyright Law ( ICL ). It is strictly prohibited for copying, using, publications, or redistributing any part and portion of our website. Using our website does not grant you any type of ownership rights in our Website.

Our website also contains links to some other related websites. These links are just added for your convenience. But adding these links to our website does not mean that we are referring to them as affiliates, sponsors, or third-party websites. The inclusion of these links within our website and web pages does not constitute any type of warranty, guarantee, endorsement, or recommendations of such linked websites. fontgeneratorapp.com does not have any legal control and access to these third-party websites' legal documents and privacy practices. It means if you are going to reach such third-party websites it is all at your own risk and responsibility. Our Website will never ever be responsible for any of the illegal or unwanted activity from these websites.

General Terms & Conditions 

Our Legal Terms are treated under the Internations Laws and Rules but without the conflict of Law principles of any country. In addition, the users or you also agree to the submission of the personal jurisdiction and venue of the related courts. Any of the cases acted with respect to our website will be instituted within one year after the action arose. To an extent, if our Content and services are not related to our privacy policies and Legal terms and conditions then we will take precedence. In case of our failure for enforcing any provisions of our Websites’ Legal terms shall not be deemed even a waiver of such provisions nor of the right to enforce such provision. The legal rights of our Website fontgeneratorapp.com under legal terms shall survive the termination of our Legal Terms.

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