Privacy Policy -

The privacy policy describes how the website is working and how the Website Operator (‘’We’’, ‘’Us, or ‘’Our’’) protects, collects, and uses the personal information of the users and visitors of the website. You ( ‘’Users’’, ‘’You’’, or ‘’Your’’ ) may provide on the website and any of its services and products ( Collectively, ‘’Services’’ or ‘’Websites’’ ).

Here there is also the availability of the usage of your personal information. It also includes how you can update and access these personal pieces of information. Actually, we do not manage and control the individuals that we do not manage and employ.

Collecting Personal Information Automatically 

The process of receiving your personal information is automatic. Because our servers automatically collect the information that your browsers provide while visiting our website. This information may include your IP Address, Language Preference, Browser type, and Version, Details of Webpages that you have visited before, Pages of our website that you have visited before, details of time spent on these web pages, Date and time of your access to these web pages, information for which you have visited these web pages, Operating System Type and Version, and a lot of other statistics that are involved as your personal information.

The collected pieces of your personal information are automatically used for the identification of potential cases regarding statistical pieces of information regarding website pages. Otherwise, this statistical information is not aggregated in such a way that would identify any particular user of the system.

Collecting Personal Information 

You can easily visit without revealing your personal information that will identify you specifically. If you want to use some unique features of the website, then you have to provide some personal but basic information including your name and your Email Address. The information that you will provide us during filling any online form on the website or publishing any type of content.

When it is subjected to know some pieces of information about our website visitors it may include:

  • The contact information such as Address or Email Address. 
  • Any type of other informational material that you will provide us willingly. This information may include images, feedback, comments, and articles. 

Our users are also free to choose the option not to provide us with your personal information. But the drawback in case of this condition is that you cannot enjoy most of the advanced and latest features of our website. Users are also warmly welcome to contact us if they want to know about the mandatory information requirements.

Processing & Use of Collected Information

There are many intentions behind using your personal information that includes meeting a legal obligation and making our Services available for you. But in case of your refusal regarding your personal information then we will be unable to facilitate you with the best of our services and products. Moreover, some of the information is collected automatically and quickly via our website when you visit our web pades. However, it is not a problem to get personal information of our visitors from some other authentic resources. We just try to collect your information because of these intentions and reasons:

  • Protect from abuse and malicious users
  • Respond to legal requests and prevent harm
  • Run and operate our Website and Services
  • Improve user experience
  • Deliver targeted advertising
  • Enforce terms and conditions and policies
  • Send administrative information
  • Respond to inquiries and offer support
  • Request user feedback
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Deliver products or services
  • Improve products and services

The processing and usage of your information depend upon the way you treat and use our website and web pages. It also depends upon the place from where you are visiting our website. 

Disclosure Information 

Depending upon the services you are availing and the situations we have to share your information with some other third parties that are our co-workers and working as our part of the company and completion of the process. For instance, if you make some transactions then we have to share some information with other affiliates and subsidiaries on which we rely and they assist in the operation of the website and the Services that we are offering to you. But we highly prefer the security issues and that’s why we do not share your personal information with any other unaffiliated third party at any cost. Because these service providers do not use your personal information except to perform services on our behalf and these are not authorized as per legal requirements. We only trust those third parties whose privacy policies are matching with ours to some extent.  Such third parties just need your pieces of information to perform some designated functions. But we do not authorize them to disclose or use your personal information for some other purposes like for their own marketing purpose. 

We will actually collect and disclose your personal information when required and permitted by the law. We highly believe that disclosure is very necessary to protect your information and our rights, the safety of others, to investigate the frauds, and to respond to a government request. 

The event of a business transition such as the merging of data, acquisition of other companies, and information will also be transferred. 

Retentions of information

We will use and retain your personal information just to comply with our legal obligations and for a short time period. We will also use it for resolving disputes and to enforce our agreements for that time period which is permitted by law. We can also use the aggregated data that will be re-received when you delete and update it. But it will be collective information there will be no personal and specific identifications of an individual. Your personal information will be deleted once the time period of retention gets expired. Therefore, the right to ensure, right to data portability and right to rectification cannot be enforced when the time period of retention explores. 

Transferring Personal Information 

Depending upon your location, your information may be transferred to somewhere else or to countries other than your own is involved in data transfer and data sharing. It is needed to learn about data transfer and its legal basis for a country outside Europe. It may also include International Organization that is governed by two or more countries and public International law. If something like this is happening then you can also find out more in-depth knowledge by checking relevant sections of such privacy policies. 

Right To Object the Processing 

As personal information is a process of interest for the public, we use it for legitimate interests that are pursued by us. For the purpose of justifying the objections, you can easily object to such processes for direct marketing purposes. You can do it at any instant of time without providing any justifications. You are referred to other relevant sections of the document if you want to learn whether we are using your personal information for direct marketing.

Data Protection Rights Under GDPR

If you belong to the European Economic Areas (EEA ), then you have certain data protection rights. Website Controler will make some responsible and effective steps to allow the visitor of EEA to correct, delete, amend, or limit the use of your personal information. If you are interested to know about the pieces of your personal information that we hold and track then you can contact us and can get all the regarding details. In addition to this, you can also make it possible to remove your personal data from our systems. You have the following data protection rights in different circumstances:

  • You are able to request access to the personal data that we are tracking and holding in our systems for different legal and permitted purposes. 
  • You have also the right to request for the correction of some information that you believe is inaccurate. 
  • You are also able to make sure the completion of your personal information if you find it incomplete. 
  • You have to right to request for removing your personal data or information under certain conditions of the privacy policy. 
  • You have the right to put any objection regarding the processing of your personal information usage. 
  • You have the right to seek some restrictions regarding the process of your personal information. When you will request some restrictions we will save and store it but it will take a time to proceed with the next procedure. 
  • You have the right to be provided with a copy of all the personal informational content that we have collected and used so far. It will be provided to you in a well-structured, machine-readable, and in that format that is used commonly.
  • You have the right to withdraw all your consent at any instant in time. When the Website Operator is relying on your consent for processing your personal information. 

You have the safety and right to complain to the Data Authority Protection ( DAP ) against our processing of your personal information and the way in which your personal information is getting collected by our resources. For further information, you are warmly welcome to us and in addition, you can also contact the Local Data Protection Authority ( LDPA ) in the European Economic Area ( EEA ).

Privacy Rights For California 

In addition to the rights that are mentioned above in the privacy policy, the visitors who are visiting our web pages from California and they are providing us their personal information just for getting facilitated by our products and services personally. Once a year, we share pieces of information of personal information with other companies for making marketing easy and accessible. The information that we share may include the names and addresses or email addresses of the users. We just share your personal information or the immediately prior calendar year (e.g., requests made in the current year will receive information about the prior year). You are welcome to contact us if you want to obtain or get such pieces of your personal information.

Users or visitors reaching from California to our website must be aware that we are collecting your personal information through some direct sources and from some third parties, for example, advertisements, and web analytics. We can also share or sell your personal information just for some ads and marketing aspects that will facilitate you also. Because they will show you the ads and services according to your choices.

Furthermore, users and visitors of California have the right to opt-out of the selling of their personal data. It may include disclosing, selling, and transferring personal information. For this purpose, there are two ways. Either you can report us on our Do not Sell page or can simply inform us by contacting us. 

Note that by reporting on our Do not Sell page, there will be not a stop for the ads to be shown on your screen. But you will be able to see the interest-based ads according to your current collected and received information. That personal information is not sold by any third parties as a digital property. But your information may be sold to the Downstream Participants at least ninety ( 90 ) da7ys before going to the one or more one industry opt-out link it may also be sold to some other sources from which you have not opted out. 

Users can also visit for getting further information regarding interest-based ads and some additional opt-out choices. 

How to Exercise These Rights?

You can request directly to the Website Operator through the details of the content in this article for exercising your rights. Before responding to such queries we may ask you to verify your identity for the purpose of security and protection. Your request must have enough information that allows us to verify that you are the person or authorized representative person of the request. Your information and details must be complete so that we may respond to it by understanding it very clearly. We will not respond to these requests against the information that you have provided us but we will also verify your authority and identity. It means to mak sure that the information which is provided to us is related to you and to make sure that someone other is not using your personal information for his own intentions. 

Children Privacy 

We encourage children that before submitting and responding to any website they must consult with their parents. It is recognized for further privacy protections with respect to the personal information that we are collecting from children and taking many precautions for the protection and privacy of children of different ages. We always suggest that parents must be involved in all the online activities of their children and they must do their best to provide a comfortable, safe, secure, and friendly online environment.


To help out personalizing your online experiences the website uses ‘’Cookies’’. A cookie can be defined and explained a cookie as a text file that is placed by a web page server on your hard disk. These are not harmful to your computer and it does not run programs in your system. In addition, it does not deliver viruses to your system. Cookies are only read by the webserver in that domain that has issued the cookies to you and is uniquely assigned to you.

Cookies can be used for collecting, tracking, and storing your personal information to operate our Servers and Websites for some statistical purposes. Most of the browsers automatically accept the cookies, but it is also possible to modify your browsers to decline cookies if you prefer to decline them. But if you do this, you will never ever experience the advanced and latest features of the Website and Services. 

Do Not Track Signals   

Some of the advanced browsers incorporate a do not track signals feature. The meaning and aim of the feature are that you are directing the Website that you are not interested in being tracking your information and online experience at any cost. As tracking is not only collecting and receiving information in connection with a website. Tracking means collecting personally-identifying information from the consumers and users’ online services as they are moving to other websites over time. We never ever tracked our visitors and customers over time and across any of the third-party websites. However, many other third-party websites may be tracking your personal data and your browsing activities while they are serving the content that makes them able to present and facilitate you with their best and most advanced services.


We may also display online advertisements because we obviously share your aggregated and non-identifying information that we have been collected through the registration and many other online surveys. Do not worry we do not share individual identifying information of our customers and visitors to any of the advisors. But in some cases, we use your information for tailored advertisements to target the intended audience.

We also expect to help the third parties or companies tailor advertisements. We think that it may be according to the interests of the users and visitors and to collect information and details about their activities on other web pages. Such companies are using cookies by delivering ads otherwise they are tracking their behaviors and resonances.  


For the purpose of facilitating our visitors and customers with the most related, advanced, and latest products and services, we can disclose your information to our affiliates and which are highly secure and safe. These affiliates will use the information that we have provided them about your personal activities, deeply in accordance with all our terms and conditions or privacy policies. 

You will enjoy and facilitate the most appropriate results on your screen that will definitely match your interests and choices. 

This website has links to some other websites that are not controlled and managed by us. So be aware of all these activities that may be tracked by some other websites that have links on our website. We will not be responsible for any type of personal information tracking and hacking of your data by these third-party websites. We encourage our visitors to read and be aware of all the website privacy policy terms and conditions before leaving the web pages. In addition, they must also read the privacy policy and terms and conditions for all the websites they are going to visit or have visited ever before.  

Our Advertising Partners 

Our website is using Google ads and many other third-party companies that are working on advertisements of services and products. They actually use cookies to run ads based on the priority of interests of the website visitors on the internet. Users have a great opportunity for personalized advertisements by visiting these different websites:


Log Files 

We are using a standard procedure for using log files. Many websites are using this of making improvements in their services and to analyze web traffic. This collected information may include Internet Protocol Addresses ( IP ), Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), the type of browser, date and time stamp, the possible number of clicks, and existing pages. These pieces of information are no more personal identifying information. The intention for collecting such information is just for analyzing trends, tracking visitors’ movements on the website, administering the website, and collecting the demographic information.

Information Security  

Protected from authorized access, we secure the information that you provide on computer servers in a very safe, secure, and controlled environment. We maintain reasonably the technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect it from any authorized access, modification, disclosure, and use of personal information in its control and custody. However, there is no guarantee of data transfer and its sharing on the internet or on wireless networks. While we are protecting and securing your personal data you must know that there are also some limitations that are actually beyond our control and access. There is also no guarantee of integrity, security, data exchanging, data sharing, and transferring between you and the website that you are visiting. This information can be tampered with and vied by any of the third parties within transit, despite best efforts. 

Data Breach

We always reserve the right to take some appropriate and reasonable measures, when we come to know that your personal information has been tracked and collected by any of the third parties because of some external activities. It includes but is not to, investigate & report, as well as notification to a corporation with authorities of law enforcement. We will take effective steps if we know about any harm to the tracked information of our users as a result of a breach. We will send you a notification and an email to your email address when going to take any action.

Changes And Amendments

We upload the advanced and latest privacy policies from time to time and will make you aware of the usage and processing of your collected information by some resources and the way we treat it for making improvements. The updated data will be uploaded at the bottom of the page. We will also send you notice in other ways and can contact you through the source of contact you have provided to us. Any of the privacy policy changes will be very effective and you must be aware of these updated terms and conditions.  If you will use continually the website after the effective updation of the privacy policy then it will constitute your consent to these changes. However, we will not use your personal information without your consent.

Policy Acceptance

By using this website you will be bound to these privacy policies. We make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions regarding privacy and agree to accept all the above-mentioned statements of our privacy policy. On the other hand, if you are not interested in accepting the terms and conditions of our privacy policy then you will not be able to access the Website and its most advanced and latest services.  

Contact Us 

You are warmly welcome to contact us if you are interested in knowing the in-depth information about the personal information that we collect and use on the basis of individual rights. You can contact us by sending us an email at our Email address.