15 Best Google Font Pairings That Every Designer Should Know

by admin No Comments May 2, 2023

Best Google Font Pairings

Design trends come and go, but one constant in the design world is the use of fonts. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which fonts will pair together to create the perfect look for your project. Fortunately, Google Fonts makes it easy to find the best font pairings for modern design. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the top 15 Best Google Font pairings for modern design in 2023, so you can create an amazing design that stands the test of time.

Best Google Font Pairings 2022 and 2023

These are just a few examples of the best Google font pairings available. The key is to experiment and find combinations that align with your brand’s personality and the overall tone of your website. By carefully selecting and pairing fonts, you can create a visually stunning and cohesive design that enhances the overall user experience. Below are the list and detailed discussion on Google font pairs:

1) Merriweather + PT Sans:

Merriweather and PT Sans are an elegant and modern pairing that works well together for a variety of design projects. Merriweather is a classic serif font with a touch of sophistication, while PT Sans is a sans-serif font with a clean and modern look. Together, these fonts create a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design. Merriweather’s strong presence in headers and titles pairs well with PT Sans’ versatility in body text.

This combination works well for a wide range of projects, including websites, print materials, and branding collateral. Whether you’re designing a website or a marketing campaign, Merriweather and PT Sans offer a beautiful and professional aesthetic that’s sure to impress your audience. Try using this pairing for your next design project, and see how it enhances your overall aesthetic.

2) Open Sans + Lato:

This Google font pair is a classic and timeless choice for any modern design project. Open Sans, with its clean and crisp lines, works seamlessly with Lato, a bold and versatile font. The combination is perfect for minimalist designs or those with a lot of text. Overall, it’s a safe and reliable option for any project that requires a clean and simple look.

3) Montserrat + Raleway:

Montserrat and Raleway make for a sleek and modern font pairing. Montserrat’s geometric design pairs perfectly with Raleway’s elegant curves, creating a balanced and harmonious look. Use Montserrat for headings and Raleway for body text to create a professional and sophisticated design.

4) Oswald + Roboto:

If you’re looking for a pairing that exudes sophistication and professionalism, look no further than Oswald and Roboto. Oswald is a bold, condensed font perfect for headlines and titles, while Roboto is a sleek and versatile sans-serif that’s great for body text. Together, they create a powerful and modern aesthetic that’s perfect for business and corporate designs. Consider using Oswald for headlines and Roboto for body text on your next project.

5) Playfair Display + PT Serif:

Playfair Display is a classic serif font with elegant curves and thin strokes that give a refined touch to any design. Pairing it with PT Serif, a more traditional serif font, creates a beautiful contrast that adds sophistication to your project. PT Serif is a versatile font that works well for body text, and the combination with Playfair Display makes for an excellent header and subheader pairing. This pairing is ideal for designs that require a timeless, classic look, such as wedding invitations or high-end brand logos.

6) Muli + Varela Round:

For a more playful and creative design, consider pairing Muli and Varela Round. Muli is a simple sans-serif font with rounded edges, while Varela Round is a fun and quirky font with circular shapes. Together, they create a balanced and visually appealing pairing. This combination works well for websites or designs targeting a younger audience or wanting to convey a more casual tone.

7) Slabo 27px + Merriweather:

Slabo 27px is a serif font that works best as a headline font. Merriweather, on the other hand, is a classic and versatile serif font that can work as a body text font. When paired together, they create a striking contrast between the two fonts. Slabo 27px’s thick and bold letters catch the eye, while Merriweather’s clean and elegant letters make it easy to read. This font pairing is perfect for designs that require a bold and attention-grabbing headline, without sacrificing readability.

8) Rubik +Source Sans Pro:

If you’re looking for a bold, modern pairing, look no further than Rubik and Source Sans Pro. Rubik is a geometric sans-serif font with strong lines and rounded edges, while Source Sans Pro has a more traditional look with a slight curve to its lines. Together, they create a striking and unique combination that’s perfect for modern designs. Try using Rubik’s for headers and Source Sans Pro for body text to make a statement with your typography.

9) Asap +Josefin Sans:

Asap and Josefin Sans make for a clean and modern font pairing that’s perfect for websites and digital designs. Asap is a sans-serif font that has a friendly and approachable feel, while Josefin Sans adds a touch of elegance and sophistication with its stylish curves and tapered letterforms. This combination works particularly well for headings and subheadings, as it creates a nice contrast between the two fonts while still maintaining a cohesive look overall.

10) Arvo +PT Sans Narrow:

Arvo is a modern and elegant serif font, which pairs well with the more sleek and minimalist PT Sans Narrow. Together, these two fonts create a balanced and sophisticated look, perfect for high-end brands and professional websites. The contrasting styles of Arvo’s serifs and PT Sans Narrow sans-serif letters complement each other beautifully, creating a unique and memorable design.

Try using Arvo for headlines and PT Sans Narrow for body text, or switch it up and use PT Sans Narrow for headlines and Arvo for body text for a more unconventional look.

11) Cabin +PT Serif Caption:

Cabin and PT Serif Caption pairing creates a clean and modern look perfect for editorial design. Cabin’s rounded edges and geometric structure complement the elegant and classic style of PT Serif Caption. This pairing is ideal for projects such as magazines or books, where a balance between modernity and tradition is needed.

12) Droid Sans +Source Serif Pro:

Droid Sans is a clean and modern sans-serif font, while Source Serif Pro is a classic serif font. Together, they create a nice contrast and balance in your design. Droid Sans has a friendly feel to it and works great for headlines, while Source Serif Pro is more formal and ideal for body text. Use this pairing for a professional and approachable look in your designs.

13) Fira Sans +Ubuntu:

Fira Sans is a versatile sans-serif font that is great for body text, while Ubuntu is a clean and simple font that works well as a header or display font. These best Google font pairings have a similar modern feel, making them a great pairing for contemporary designs. Fira Sans has a range of weights and styles, so you can use it for a variety of design elements, while Ubuntu is bold and easy to read, making it perfect for titles and headlines. This font pairing is a great choice for websites, infographics, and other digital designs.

14) Noto Sans +Arimo:

Noto Sans and Arimo are beautiful Google font pairings that work perfectly together. Noto Sans is a clean, simple sans-serif font that is easy to read on any screen, while Arimo is a rounded sans-serif font that adds a touch of playfulness to any design. These best Google font pairings complement each other perfectly, creating a modern and elegant feel for your website.

When using this font pairing, use Noto Sans for headings and Arimo for body text. You can also play around with font weights and sizes to create a hierarchy and emphasis specific elements of your website.

15) Roboto Mono +Roboto Slab:

Another excellent pairing from the Roboto family is Roboto Mono and Roboto Slab. Roboto Mono is a monospace font with a modern feel, perfect for coding or technical text. Roboto Slab, on the other hand, is a serif font that provides an elegant and sophisticated touch. The combination of these two fonts is a perfect balance between modern and classic styles, making it an excellent choice for websites that want to showcase both professionalism and creativity.

Roboto Mono’s clean and precise design complements Roboto Slab’s curvy and elegant letterforms. This font pairing is a great option for a website that features technical information, such as a technology blog or a developer portfolio. The Roboto Mono font’s uniform letter spacing and easy-to-read structure make it an excellent choice for code snippets or technical documentation, while Roboto Slab’s sophisticated design adds a touch of luxury to headlines or callouts.


Choosing the right fonts for your website can greatly enhance its design and overall user experience. These top 15 Best Google font pairings for 2023 offer a wide range of styles and combinations that are perfect for modern websites. Remember to consider factors such as legibility, contrast, and style when selecting your Best Google Font Pairings.

Experiment with different combinations and find the ones that best suit your website’s unique style and brand. With these top Google font combinations, your website is sure to look sleek and stylish while providing an optimal reading experience for your users.

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